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James M. Cool

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  • Should I be compensated by Mfgr for being Shocked, Twice, by a design flaw in their product??

    Bought a new 35mm slide scanner. Worked well for what I wanted. While moving product from one table to another, was shocked and almost dropped it. Couldn't imagine why it did, other than I am prone sometime to attract current. Moved it again la...

    James’s Answer

    Your manufacturer's warranty included with the product likely explains the circumstances it covers. Also, it is typically the case that a product must be reasonably safe and fit for the purpose it is intended. Is the product working for its intended purpose? Were the shocks more than momentarily harmful? If the answers to those questions are yes and no, respectively, then Whether you are entitled to some compensation is a philosophical question, because pursuing whatever compensation you might be due would cost far, far more than the scanner and would not likely yield a reward that justified the risk and effort.

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  • Can I press charges against, the bouncer

    This may 5 past saturday I was at a club, and we decide to leave. I was standing outside, still in the club property and my girlfriend asked the bouncer if we leave can we come back in he says if you leave, you have to pay to get in. My girlfriend...

    James’s Answer

    I do not believe "pressing charges" criminally is an option for you at this point. The decisions whether to prosecute criminals in Arizona are made by the prosecuting attorneys, not individual victims, though victims of crime have many rights under Arizona law. I recommend that you contact a personal injury attorney soon to explore whether you have civil claims for money damages against the bouncer or bar. You should also consult with and hire a good criminal defense lawyer. The outcome of your criminal case will impact the value and viability of your civil claims, if you have any.

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  • Can you sue an employer for a hostile env/retaliation and failure to act despite knowing of retaliation in a at-will state

    Question Details: I have been in a hostile work environment for the last 8 months after reporting nurse manager; I was asked to "downplay a patients condition and transfer them to the floor". I refused as the patient required ICU care and was not ...

    James’s Answer

    Because some important information is (understandably) not in your summary, no one can give you good advice about how to handle such an important and difficult situation. It is true that you may not have a useful legal remedy at this point, depending on the type and frequency of harassment you're experiencing. Nonetheless, you should--at least--consult with an attorney about how to prepare for the worst in a way that protects your legal rights.

    Please feel free to call my our office and schedule a time for us to talk on the phone. There's no charge, I would be happy to learn more and offer what guidance I could.

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