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Denise H L J Troy

Denise Troy’s client reviews

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  • Smart, but not fast on her feet in trial

    2.0 stars

    Posted by Mrs. M

    As an individual, Ms. Troy is very likeable and knowledgeable in her field. However, during trial she spent a lot of time trying to use computer and was often sidetracked by computer difficulties.
    She was uncomfortable objecting to opposing counsel because she did not want to put off the jury or upset the judge.
    Knew the case inside and out, but did not provide documents that were needed during trial, none of the material she wanted to admit as evidence was admissible because she did not do the necessary legal leg work in advance. Was clearly outplayed by an attorney with decades less experience.
    Ms. Troy is very ethical, but worries too much what other's might think of her rather than winning the case. It became clear during trial that it is very important to Ms. Troy that she be liked. Other side played "dirty" which is clearly outside of Ms. Troy's lexicon. She was ineffective in countering false statements and defendants lies, perhaps because she is too ethical to consider opposing counsel would stoop that low.
    Ms. Troy was ineffective in clearly explaining the simplicity of the case to the jury. She knew the case intimately, but there was a lot of back tracking when the case was lost.
    Does not portray a polished or confident trial presence. Ask a LOT of questions before you chose this attorney for trials, specifically how many trials have you litigated, what is the percentage won? She expressed physical exhaustion midway through our trial.

  • Highly knowledgeable, ethical, and represents your best interest

    5.0 stars

    Posted by John

    Denise worked closely with my wife and me - was patient and guided us through the legal jungle. At all times she was aware of our budget and suggested ways we save like drafting some of our own letters for her review rather than having her write them from scratch. She gave us all of our options and briefed us on the ramifications so we could make a well informed decision. She always responded promptly except when she was out of the office in a hearing or deposition - even then she always responded within a day. She never over-promised. I had a very good experience using her services.