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Dwight B Williams

Dwight Williams’s client reviews

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  • A rare individual and attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Rich

    I have worked with Dwight Williams for several decades on a broad spectrum of business and personal matters, beginning with his help on a consulting agreement with a major Japanese firm. Since then he has meticulously handled our normal family legal matters, and has functioned as our legal counsel for a successful high-tech start-up company. When our company was ultimately acquired by a British based international corporation, he gracefully and successfully represented the company during an extended period of buyout negotiations.

    Dwight has served us with keen insights and strategic thinking so that his work has always been rationally conceived but thoroughly executed. That is, we were always well represented and protected legally without being confronted with excessively complicated or arcane distractions that result mainly in higher legal fees engendered by pointless concerns. He struck a comfortable balance of covering necessary aspects of an issue in an extremely capable manner without clouding the necessary points with frivolous and expensive items of marginal benefit. He served our interests faithfully and effectively, while conducting all transactions in a thoroughly professional manner that avoided alienated parties across the table. This is how we like to do our business, so we found his style to be eminently compatible and pleasant without compromising our interests. I never imagined we would find a lawyer who is so impressively competent yet so classy and agreeable in his overall style.

    In my decades of experience with Dwight, his fees, never petty and annoying, have always been fair and reasonable. I would gladly recommend him to any friend. He never hesitates to refer clients elsewhere if a matter falls outside of his domain of active practice. The candor of this approach gives me confidence and assurance so I am comfortable to contact him first, regardless of area and ultimate disposition.

    Finally, on a personal level, it is a pleasure to work with him. He has helped many friends as well. His international experience, in addition to foreign language and culture facility, makes him an easy choice for international business needs.

  • Wonderful Attorney

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Anna

    Dwight Williams is not only an intelligent and accomplished attorney, but more importantly, he really cares about his clients. Dwight worked very hard on our case, which involved immigration issues, and got us the results we needed. What I appreciated the most is that he always kept us informed and he always kept his promises.