My wife and I have been using Lonnie for about five years and have found him to be an excellent and reputable lawyer. We have used his services for debt, for creating a will and trust and other legal matters. Lonnie always goes above the call of duty and provides us with great service, suggesting ways in which we may resolve issues in the least expensive manner for us. He keeps us informed and always keeps his door open to listen to our concerns, provide advice or service, and to work for us in an appropriate and efficient manner.
Lonnie is friendly and always concerned and caring about the results we receive. Lonnie is very honorable and when he says he will do something he will do it. We whole heartedly recommend Lonnie to anyone seeking a good general attorney. He has a lot of information from many years as an attorney as well as many able contacts which he can refer one too if he is not able to assist with a clients needs.
If you need assistance Lonnie is your man and you will be glad to have him on your side!