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Pauline Tupper’s client reviews

     3.5 stars 2 total

Review Pauline Tupper
  • she assisted with divorce and did a great job.

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Jean

    She was very dedicated -- stayed up late to be sure the divorce petition was served quickly, lest respondent leave and be unreachable. Not a local attorney to location I am at in Colorado, she referred me to a local Denver-area attorney. Didn't charge me an arm and a leg to help out either. She's very experienced with what goes on in divorces and family law types of situations, which i am not, because the whole situation I found myself in was a first for me. She saved me from making stupid mistakes. This occurred late November and her assistance to me into December, through the holidays.

  • Lackadaisical/Procrastinator/Absent minded

    2.0 stars

    Posted by a Child Custody client

    My personal experience with Pauline was that she was extremely lackadaisical in her work ethics. She NEVER kept us informed on what she had done in regards with our case. Nor did she send us any financial statements to inform us where we stood financially with her.
    More times than not, she would answer her phone, and inform us that she had more important cases to deal with and would tell us that she would call us back, either later that day or the next, to which we would never receive a return call. We often would wait 2 weeks or more before we could reach her by telephone again.
    She would tell us to do the leg work in which she was getting paid to do, and would have us file our own motions, and any other court documentations which we had no clue how to do. (Why we hired an attorney.)
    Our case was one in regards to child custody which was clearly established that we had custody, but when the biological father of the child failed to return him after a visit, Pauline asked on many occasions if we had filed for visitation rights. (We clearly had custody.)
    This "Attorney" failed us miserably, and cost my wife 6 months of parental time with her son.
    She not once, acted interrested in our case. (once the retainer was received.)
    Failed to look into the fathers background to find that the boy had personally filed a complaint against him while in his custody, nor did she find that this father had received a DUI citation while the boy (along with five other children) was (were) in the vehicle, adding a child abuse charge to the citation, and putting my wifes son in harms way. (All discovered by our current attorney.)
    Absent minded