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Matthew C Clawson

Matthew Clawson’s Legal Guides

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  • Military Divorce Lawyer/Attorney in Colorado Springs

    Basic information Being in the military has a significant impact on the proceedings of any divorce, particularly in Colorado. In general, this is because the Federal Government has special rules and

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  • Scope of Family Law/Divorce in Colorado

    Divorce Human relationships are so complex that there are endless variations and causes of friction between any two human beings. No two marriages are the same, and it is an unfortunate fact of life

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  • Personal Injury (Accident) Lawyer/Attorney in Colorado

    If you've been injured in a car accident, then you may have already filed a claim with your insurance company. No doubt they've told you that they will take care of the settlement and you won't need to hire a lawyer, but do they really have your best interests at heart? As a Col...

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  • Employer liability

    If a Colorado employer and employee are both covered under the worker's compensation act, the employer becomes immune to all the damaging civil actions that can be brought against it. This is a very powerful principle because we have seen earlier, that without this, many defenses...

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  • Rejection of Coverage by Company Officers

    One of the ways in which worker's compensation becomes a sustainable reality is by making everyone participate. This way, there's a large corpus of funds available when an accident takes place. However, this might seem unfair to many people who don't want to cover themselves from...

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  • Injuries due a stranger - how workers compensation is paid

    It's entirely possible that an employee might get injured or even die due to the negligence of a stranger while he or she is doing their job. Such incidents most commonly manifest themselves in road accidents where a third party breaks the rules or drives rashly. It's difficult t...

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  • Divorce Lawyer/Attorney in Colorado

    Legal Separation in Colorado A Legal Separation operates much like a divorce action possessing much of the same emotional dynamics between the parties, but at a lesser extreme. Parties filing for a

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