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  1. What do i need to do to get corporate funding?

    Answered almost 4 years ago.

    1. Daniel Nathan Ballard
    2. Charles Alexander Naegele
    3. Roger P Glovsky
    4. Steven J. Fromm
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    Corporate "funding" can be categorized: 1. revenues 2. debt 3. stock For many companies increasing revenues (e.g. sales of goods or services) is the easiest and fastest way to generate funding. Of course every business wants to increase revenues, but before going to raise outside capital it is always a good idea to consider what opportunities may exist for generating cash internally that may have been overlooked. Consider ways to get customers to buy more products or accelerate...

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  2. What are my rights as a Sub Chapter S minority stock holder?

    Answered almost 4 years ago.

    1. John Raymond Mentzer III
    2. Steven J. Fromm
    3. Charles Alexander Naegele
    4. Roger P Glovsky
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    Being a minority stockholder in a Sub S corp can create a tax problem. If the company is profitable, there could be a gain that it pass through to the stockholders as reported on the K-1 received from the company. That means the stockholder may be liable for the tax even if there is no distribution of cash from the company. The good news is that if the company is making money, you may be able to sell the stock at some time in the future if the company is acquired. Or if the company goes...