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Carolyn Witkus

Carolyn Witkus’s Answers

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  • How do I fill out a motion to allow a court appearance by phone?

    Motion has been denied due to not filling out the form correctly.

    Carolyn’s Answer

    If you want somebody else to appear and testify for you by phone, you fill out the Motion for Absentee Testimony form 1309 available on the State of Colorado Self-Help Forms website ( Make sure to fill in all sections, and, specifically, the reason you need testimony by phone and a specific description of what the witness is going to say.

    If you are asking for permission for you to appear by phone, you can try using the general motion form ( and simply indicate that it is a motion to appear by telephone by a party to the case, and explain in the body of the motion why you need to appear by phone, and why it won't hurt either side if you appear by phone.

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