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Karen L Brady

Karen Brady’s Legal Guides

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  • Your Corporate "Minutes Book" or Records Book- Essential Items

    Know Who Has the Responsibilty to Maintain the Corporate Records Every corporation should have a secretary appointed by the corporation's board of directors. The corporate secretary's most important

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  • How to File a Tax Return for Someone Who Has Died

    Determine If Filing is Necessary You will want to file on behalf of the decedent if he or she had income tax withheld and would be entitled to a refund. Otherwise, to determine if someone must file

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  • Do I Need a Contract? (Hint: You May Already Have One)

    Understand What It Takes to Make A Contract A contract is an agreement between two or more parties in relation to a particular subject. Contracts can cover an extremely broad range of matters, includ

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  • Colorado Beneficiary Deed

    Determine if A Beneficiary Deed Is Right For You You can only transfer by beneficiary deed what you own, so you can't transfer the interest of someone who co-owns the property with you. Similarly, i

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  • How to Obtain a Colorado Department of Revenue Tax Identification Number and/or Sales License

    Realize This is Only Part of the Process Getting your tax identification numbers is only part of the process. For the documentation of your corporation or limited liability company to be complete yo

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