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Amy Nichols’s client reviews

     2.5 stars 5 total

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  • Great experience in a difficult time

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Both Amy and the whole staff were very helpful and informative during my divorce and custody hearing. They kept me informed and were very knowledgeable. I really appreciated that Amy never forced her opinon of what I should do but would instead allow me to review all documentation and then after I had told her how I felt she would advise me on what she felt legally was the best. I always heard back from her or the staff within 24 hours, whether it was retunring a call or e-mail. I also appreciated that in order to keep costs down my paralegal was the one I was in touch with most often, but when neccessary Amy would be in contact. She comes very highly reccommended.

    Amy A Nichols’s response: “Issues related to our families and children are difficult and, while the law provides direction, the choices need to be made by you. Thank you for your feedback and we appreciate the opportunity at Kubinski & Nichols, P.C. to have assisted you during this time.”
  • Thank you so much

    5.0 stars

    Posted by christopher

    Definitely one of the best attorneys I have ever had in El paso. Amy Nichols kept me well informed the entire time during my family case that I was going thru, instead of making discisons for me amy would always inform me of all of our options and what each result that option would have. Any time I would contact Amy or her paralegal (Terri) they would always have the answers for me and if not they would respond to my questions that day. I would definitely recommend this attorney for any family matter.
    Amy and Terri thank you so much for all that you guys have done for me I can't thank you all enough.

    Amy A Nichols’s response: “We appreciate your feedback and are happy that we can work as a team to obtain successful results for our clients.”
  • My ex husband and I agree we made a bad choice on this attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by Janine

    Slow to return phone calls, and email communication was often made with an assistant.
    My ex-husband and I split the bill, a grand total of $14,539.36.
    That bill most definitely ran up quickly with travel expenses, such as airfare, parking and meals, which is expected, but I thought her spending was on the high end, for example, we paid for her $42.43 dinner, $27.25 lunch and a upgrade on her rental car. Other meals were within reason.
    She served as an amicus on my son's case.
    When I later had serious concerns over my son's welfare, I contacted her again, at the direction of two attorneys, since she was assigned to be the continuing tie-breaker in our case.
    She also said that because of her location differing from ours, we'd have to change venue to change custody.
    This was not true.
    At the direction of my attorney, and at an additional expense (paid to my attorney instead of Amy), the judge not only signed a Temporary Restraining Order, but he also enforced it with extraordinary circumstances.
    We ended up getting it all handled in El Paso, with no help from Amy, who is now my son's FORMER amicus.
    I will never use her again, nor will I ever recommend her.

    Amy A Nichols’s response: “Thank you for your feedback. An Amicus Attorney is appointed by the Court and is a Friend of the Court. As such, they have no client and can only take direction from the Court. This is oftentimes confusing to parties. In the future, I will make sure to communicate the role of an Amicus more effectively to the parents.”
  • There should be a lesser selection than poor for this attorney.

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    I "worked" with her for a little over a month. She never returned my calls, overcharges for doimg absolutely nothing, and didn't do anything I asked of her. Terrible attorney. I would have done better keeping my money and representing myself.

    Amy A Nichols’s response: “Thank you for your feedback. Office staff are frequently the best method of communicating with the attorney to maximize the client's budget and to perform non-courtroom tasks under the supervision of the attorney. I will make sure in the future that the clients are better aware of my involvement in those tasks without the need to bill them at a higher rate.”
  • BAD, not professional

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    She did not do anything on my case. She never read the documents I gave her and was not ready for the hearing. After the hearing, she went to talk to my still husband ignoring me. very expensive for a bad service.

    Amy A Nichols’s response: “Thank you for your feedback. The procedures related to legal matters are often confusing to the parties. Based on your opinion, I will make sure to communicate the process more effectively in the future.”