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Michael L. Aaronson

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  • Speeding and Fail to Signal a Lane Change - EXCELLENT RESULTS!!!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    I have used Aaronson Law Firm for some traffic citations and I can say with absolute confidence, they are great!!!

    I've used other attorney's in El Paso and while I did have success with most attorney's, Aaronson Law Firm really stood out of crowd for me! What I found with them is they are not only upfront and honest, they really give it there all to ensure the best outcome for the client. They are totally honest with the fact that they do not promise you will be found not guilty nor promise that your ticket will be dismissed. If an attorney promised me that, I'd go elsewhere... that is simply guaranteeing something that they can't. What they did for me was to explain what could and couldn't happen and they fought to the end and got me exceptional results!

    I've used them for multiple tickets and they have really come through. Many attorney's just reset the trial over and over and hope the officer doesn't show... but if the officer keeps showing, then what? Let me tell you, these guys don't give up... they fight to the end for their clients and I've seen that first hand!

    I noticed a comment from someone who said Aaronson Law Firm delivered great results but they did not keep the person informed. Think about this... they must have tons and tons of tickets they are in charge of defending, do you honestly feel they are going to sit there and keep calling hundreds of people every day a court date is reset or some not so important thing happens during the process. What for, the client doesn't even have to go. If they called me to tell me something like that each time, I'd wonder why they were even calling me. In fact, the calls for information that I don't need would likely get annoying after a while. I don't need to know if a court date is reset, I don't even have to go, they go for me. They charged me $50 per citation, they went to court countless times, sent me multiple letters and emails, and more importantly they delivered results! Plus, when I called or emailed to check in they were available and explained where we were in the process. At one point I asked if I could speak with an attorney about my tickets and I was offered that opportunity without hesitation, there isn't much more I could have asked for.

    I've used the services of another attorney in El Paso and while the results were great as well, I honestly couldn't get past the secretary for anything. No chance of speaking to the attorney, it was frustrating but I left it alone and let them do their job and ultimately they delivered great results as well. The reason I switched attorney's is because I recommended that other attorney to a family member and when that attorney didn't show up to court, she was found guilty and all of the citations went on her record. When she tried to go back to the attorney for help, there was no getting past the secretary, it was basically a dead end. I want to make it clear, that was not at Aaronson Law Firm, I won't mention the other attorney's name as I'm not here to spread a bad word but rather to express my satisfaction with Aaronson Law firm.

    With the point system we now have in Texas, if you get a ticket I would say to stand up for yourself and what better way to do that than to have a reputable law firm do it for you! Can they guarantee you they will get your ticket dismissed, of course not! I would however say that the chances are likely better to go with someone experienced as Aaronson than to go it alone. I know I could have argued my recent tickets in court, there were errors on the tickets and ultimately I think the officer made a massive error and pulled over the wrong vehicle. Regardless, the situation was what it was and I weighed out the pros and cons of going to court alone... I know how to argue however I don't know the law and I definitely don't know the proper procedure of representing myself in a trial as such.

    If you need help with a ticket, I recommend Aaronson Law Firm with absolute confidence!

  • Dismissed Speeding Ticket

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    They got rid of a speeding trap ticket. I do not know how they did it, but it was dismissed, which is huge to me.
    The cost of the ticket was $178, their charge was $50. So it saved me $128.
    So yes, they are worth it.
    But, and it is a big one, they do not get back to you, you have to call, write or fax to get any response.

  • Traffic Ticket (not stopping at a stop sign)

    5.0 stars

    Posted by a Speeding Ticket client

    They were great! they match any competitors advertised price. They took care of everything. They only little thing is that I had to keep calling to see how it was going because they don't let you know. but they got it dismissed so it was worth the trouble.