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Motorcylce Wreck - Brain Injury

Case Conclusion Date: 07.14.2006

Practice Area: Motorcycle Accident

Outcome: Settled - 5 Million Net to Client

Description: Our client was driving a motorcycle when a truck ran a stop sign in front of him. As a result of the collision, our client suffered a significant brain injury. He was not wearing a helmet and one of the difficult questions in the case was whether a helmet would have made any difference in this case. We were able to hire one of the nation’s leading experts in helmet safety issues and were able to show that, due to the velocity that our client hit the ground and the location of his head injury, a helmet would not have prevented the brain injury he suffered. There was also a question as to whether our client was impaired due to consuming alcohol the night before the early morning collision. Our firm hired an expert who “wrote the book” on perception-reaction time in collisions and we were able to demonstrate that, due to the speed of the truck, any alleged impairment of our client was insignificant as there was simply not enough time for him to react to the truck’s presence. Our video and graphic arts department then took the information obtained from our experts and developed an animated recreation of the collision that helped illustrate the time sequence of the collision. We also were able to help our client obtain the best possible medical and rehabilitation care, arranging for hospitalization and residential rehabilitation services that continued for more than a year post-accident. This aggressive medical treatment helped insure that our client could make the best possible recovery. That care would not have been available without arrangements that we made on his behalf. Our video and graphic arts department videotaped several of the therapy sessions that our client underwent and we obtained video throughout our client’s recovery period. We presented all of the evidence and testimony we obtained to the insurance company for the trucking company and this case settled before trial.

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