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  • If I obtain Canadian citizenship will affect my I-130 approved petition? I'm a Mexican citizen living in Canada.

    I have an approved I-130 petition thowugh my sister (She is a US citizen). At the time of the petition I was living in the States working with a visa (H1B) and I applied as a Mexican citizen (16 years of waiting according with the visa bulletin at...

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    It will not adversely affect the petition on the terribly backlogged waiting list as the sister of a U.S. citizen. They will continue to keep you on the waiting list by your country of birth and not by your new country of citizenship. It will not speed up your immigration case if you become a citizen of Canada. If a Mexican entered onto the waiting list by registering as the sister of a U.S. citizen prior to June 15, 1996, a U.S. immigrant visa number is only available today. This waiting list does NOT advance one year each year. There are limited numbers of U.S. visas available each year for siblings of U.S. citizens. Since 1996, many U.S. permanent residents obtained naturalization and lots of those new citizens then registered their brothers and sisters onto this terribly backlogged waiting list. What sounded like a 16 year wait when your sister registered you onto this long waiting list could easily turn out to take 20, 30 or even more years. You might explore other options to seek to immigrate to the U.S. such as through an employer seeking to transfer you to a U.S. office. Note that this is general information and should not be accepted as legal advice; you should consult with an experienced U.S. immigration lawyer.

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