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John D. Pringle

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  • In Texas, can an individual with a felony conviction obtain auto dealers license?

    I have been scammed by one and have filed a civil suit, however, when I ran background check, I found he had a felony Fs conviction and was sentanced to 18 months in state jail. The offense was forgery, theft by check, and false statement to obta...

    John’s Answer

    The Application for a automobile dealer's license asks if the applicant has been convicted of a felony. Depending on when the conviction took place, and if the person answered the question truthfully, he or she may be able to get a license.

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  • Tx Dept of Human Services sent me an appeal letter today claiming fraud from income not correctly reported from job in 2009.

    When I was first notified in 2010 about overpayment, HHSC sent me an offer to repay debt by withholding $75/month from my current SNAP benefits. I signed and agreed to offer. Now, HHSC is claiming that a hearing will be held in April to determine ...

    John’s Answer

    It sounds like HHSC determined that in the past you were overpaid benefits. It now sounds like your hearing in April is to determine if you should be disqualified from receiving future benefits. These may very well involve the same set of facts but they appear to me to be two different issues. I would of course recommend you find an attorney to represent you at the hearing if you can.

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