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Allyson Rowe’s client reviews

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  • You're Better Off with a Court Appointed Attorney

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    I hired Allyson to represent my teenager when he got in trouble with some of his friends. The only time I would be able to talk to her was the morning of the court hearings. She never showed up to court on time, and when she did show up, she looked like she was out of it. She didn't know my child's name, wasn't familiar with his case, and didn't even make an attempt to try to get him off. She has no paralegal help either. We didn't want to settle with what they were wanting to give him, but she insisted that we couldn't do any better. He ended up getting probation in the long run. My son's friends had court appointed attorneys and they were doing a better job than Allyson. Later on I find out she was arrested and had charges pending against her during this whole time. She was trying to pawn my child off to one of the court appointed attorney that was helping one of the other teenagers.
    Talk about money going down the drain. I should have fired her as soon as she called my teenager by a different name.

  • Horrible Representation

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Divorce client

    I had a horrible time getting in contact with Allyson. She does not have a paralegal or assistant, so I think she is very unorganized due to this lack of assistance. After getting my divorce, I later discovered subjects that could have been handled or addressed in my favor on my decree. Unfortunately, I cannot go back and change it.

    Since I have retained a new attorney for representation in the future. She and her paralegal are very organized, helpful, and prompt. Which I cannot say for Allyson.

    I feel as though my case was just money to earn and she was not genuinely concerned about my situation.