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Christopher J. Mckinney

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  • If you Tweet about your job or from work can the company claim to own your Twitter account?

    In fact, this very issue has recently made its way to a courthouse. A technology Web site,, and one of its former chief editors are duking it out in a legalbattle that could impact anyone who tweets from work. Employee ("Noah Kravitz") is suing PhoneDog over his empl...

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  • Frequently Asked Questions About Texas Unemployment Law

    More often than not, individuals do not hire attorneys to represent them with regard to unemployment compensation because the economics involved make such representation difficult. Navigating the unemployment system can be difficult however. So we have constructed this page to pr...

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  • Is an Employee Entitled to Pay for Travel Time in Texas?

    I often get questions about whether an employee is entitled to be paid for time he or she spends driving to a job site or driving between differnt job sites during the day. In Texas, this area of the law is largely controlled by federal law, namely the Fair Labor Standards Act ("...

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