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Willard James Hall Jr.

Willard Hall’s Answers

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  • I'm on probation for a DWI. I'm getting kicked out of the place i'm staying at and have to move back home but its out of state.

    I talked to my probation officer but all he told me was to find a new place.

    Willard’s Answer

    Everyone goes through bad periods in their lives for one reason or another, and I am sorry this is happening to you. The good news is the kind of situation your describe happens a lot. You previously had an out-of-state residence, so transferring probation to a new State should not be a big problem -- after all, you are going to 'move back home'. Very few States do not accept misdemeanor or even felony probation transfers-- most do. Even if the State to which you wish to return does not accept misdemeanor or felony probations, other accommodations can be made; for example, you may be placed on 'mail in' status, or you may be told to report to the Sheriff in the home county to where you wish to move. The important thing is to get permission in advance from either your probation officer or from the Judge. To ask the Judge, you will need to ' lawyer up' and the lawyer will file a Motion with the court to request permission to transfer, which may require a hearing. Please do not move without advance permission, this could lead to a motion to revoke your probation and possibly up to the full term of your original sentence.

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