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Kenneth W. Lewis

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  • Can I be executor of deceased estate? If not who can?

    My mother was killed in a fire caused by our landlord putting a stove with faulty wiring in, we had started a wrongful death by fire lawsuit on their insurance company. My sister and I are her only children, she had no spouse. I was deemed executo...

    Kenneth’s Answer

    The general rule of law is that an executor must act solely in the best interest of the estate, putting the estate ahead of his or her own personal interest. Failing to pursue a legitimate death case because it would be personally difficult for you would probably not be considered in the best interest of the estate. The lawyers also have the role of doing what is in the best interest of the estate once they undertake representation of the estate. If Arizona is like most states, the lawyers had a duty to approach the judge about the problem once the conflict between your personal wishes and the best interests of the estate arose.

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