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Michael Wayne Weston

Michael Weston’s Legal Guides

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  • Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy

    If you are struggling with Debt you have options. Debt Settlement and Bankruptcy are two common options considered. Before deciding on any resolutions, you should certainly know whether or not you q

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  • Statute of Limitations for Debt in Texas

    The Statute of Limitations for Debt in Texas is 4 years. When this timeline starts is a little confusing. Most Courts will simply look to the last payment to the original creditor. This is usually

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  • How to Answer a Lawsuit in Texas

    Deny the Plaintiffs Claims Answering a Lawsuit in Texas is relatively simple. The answer is a denial of the lawsuit, often called a “General Denial” The most common mistakes consumers make is by ad

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  • Judgment for Debt? Here is What Creditors Normally Do.

    Creditors obtain more power after a judgment is signed in their favor by a Court. This guide helps to explain some of the collection tactics that creditors use. Wage Garnishment Wage Garnishment is a

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  • Top Consumer Myths About Credit Card Lawsuits

    Myth #1 - I don't have any money so there is no reason for me to fight the lawsuit As stated above, any money in the bank can be garnished. I have had people call me two to three years after a judgme

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