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Robert Constantine Fafatas

Robert Fafatas’s Legal Guides

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  • Divorce Process in Texas

    Many people are overwhelmed, confused and intimidated by the divorce process. In addition to the emotional, financial and practical issues involved in a divorce, the legal process itself can be complicated and frustrating for some.

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  • Montgomery County Occupational License

    When a person is arrested for DWI in Texas, an administrative proceeding is instituted by the Texas DPs to suspend that person's driver's license. This takes place immediately and notice of the action, and the applicable deadlines and other important information, are handed to th...

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  • Citations and Probation Revocation

    Being charged with a relatively small offense, like a Public Intoxication or other Class C Misdemeanor, can have serious consequences if you are on probation for another offense. What would ordinarily be an offense punishable by a relatively small fine, a Class C charge while on ...

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  • Death Without a Will in Texas - Heirship Proceedings

    When a person dies without a will in Texas, it is usually necessary to begin an heirship proceeding. This is the process by which a probate court determines the heirs of an estate pursuant to Texas' descent and distribution laws. Texas law determines the heirs of an estate when n...

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  • Texas Elder Law Option - Guardianship

    The Reality It is prudent to plan for the unthinkable: death and incapacity. Wills are the primary mechanism with respect to planning for death and providing an orderly and efficient administration of your estate. Incapacity is an area that affects more and more of us each year a...

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