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Gregory S. Baumgartner

Gregory Baumgartner’s Legal Guides

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  • Importance of Retaining a Real Truck Accident Lawyer

    The importance of hiring an experienced and successful personal injury attorney with a track record of success in truck accident cases cannot be overestimated. Commercial vehicle accidents require specific expertise that only comes from handling truck accident cases on an ongoin...

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  • Potential Responsible Parties in a DWI Accident

    In the vast majority of serious injury or wrongful death DUI accidents, the drunk driver has inadequate insurance coverage. Finding justice requires further investigation in many cases.

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  • Bifurcated Trials On Punitive Damages In Texas

    In Texas, a defendant can ask the court to separate an issue of exemplary damages from the actual damage part of the trial. This guide outlines the bifurcation process.

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  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations- Application to a Truck Accident

    Section 391- Qualification of Drivers This section provides the minimum standards of a person to drive a commercial vehicle and importantly what disqualifies a person from driving. It provides medic

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  • What to Do When You Are Injured in a Car Accident

    Remain calm- and get help It is important that you remain calm, particularly, if others in your family are injured or required help. Call 911 if necessary or ask someone at the scene to call for med

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