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  1. Do I have a case when another vehicle hit my vehicle?

    Answered 4 months ago.

    1. Robert Jay Binstock
    2. Cory Julien Roth
    3. John K Zaid
    4. Dwaine Morris Massey
    5. Richard Kurt Arbuckle
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    It sounds like you could have a viable personal injury claim. I would highly recommend that you hire an experienced personal injury attorney to investigate and prosecute this claim for you. Good luck!

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  2. Do I need legal representation? I was rear-ended by a Semi Truck in the State of Oklahoma. I'm a Texas resident

    Answered 4 months ago.

    1. Gregory S. Baumgartner
    2. DaSean A. Jones
    3. Dwaine Morris Massey
    4. Christian K. Lassen II
    5. Daragh John Carter
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    I highly recommend that you seek the guidance and counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney. A lot of attorneys offer free consultations and you are not obligated to sign any contracts. At minimum, seek free advice and make a decision as to whether you feel the need to hire an attorney. Good luck.

  3. My son and i accident was in the left lane..a toyota car didnt see i was behind and next to her and have a serious pain

    Answered 4 months ago.

    1. Dwaine Morris Massey
    2. Christian K. Lassen II
    3. Robert Jay Binstock
    4. John M. DeProspo
    5. Andrew Kirk Strong
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    I recommend you find an experienced personal injury attorney that can help you with this matter. It is common that the adverse party sometimes misleads their insurance company with false statements. A good personal injury attorney will be able to establidh liability for you and help you seek the medical treatment you need. Good luck.

  4. My son and I were involved in an accident.State Farm has taken liability for my car, but I need to see a doctor .

    Answered 4 months ago.

    1. Reshard Juquin Alexander
    2. Dwaine Morris Massey
    3. Erick Masten Platten
    4. Robert Jay Binstock
    5. Kevin D. Fine
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    Make sure you do not sign anything that the insurance company presents to you. It is important that you seek medical treatment immediately. An experienced personal injury attorney may be able to guide you to the appropriate doctors to help with your injuries. Good luck.