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  1. Need help

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    You provide very little information upon which to base any advice. Please understand that cases against TDCJ are difficult. If you have spoken to many attorneys who want to take your case, then you should follow up with them and find the lawyer with whom you are most comfortable. Any fee arrangement should be on a contingent basis.

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  2. Had complete knee transplant in 2007--zimmer nex gen part--called lawyer rep case they very inter-call me sev times-

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    There is no question that the pain you feel is real and that it affects your life. The legal question that lawyers address is whether the law will allow for you to seek recovery for that pain and, if so, what are the limitations on that recovery. Texas medical malpractice law has very strict caps on the recovery for pain - regardless of the extent of the pain. Your claims appear to be against the manufacturer of the knee implant. Recovery for such claims is not capped by Texas law. You need to...