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  1. I have a letter of reduction and a letter of protection from an attorney who settled a case and never paid the clinic.

    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    A letter of protection and a letter of reduction should serve as an agreement, with consideration, and therefore should be enforceable depending on the language you have agreed to. Most letters of protections provide for the attorney to withhold from the settlement the medical providers interest. If the counsel did not, but was obligated to, you may have an enforceable agreement.

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  2. Is it unconstitutional for the police to hinder me when i am in an automobile traveling or sleeping in my car???

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    You do not have a constitutional right to sleep in your car in a private parking lot. You are subject to a reasonable inquiry from law enforcement, even if you are minding your own business. Most jurisdictions permit inquiry by law enforcement as to who you are, and a reasonable inquiry as to your business.

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