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Galvin B. Kennedy

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  • The 10 Biggest Mistakes that can Hurt Your Wage and Overtime Claim - Guide for the Non-Lawyer

    If you are an employee looking for information on overtime and wage claims, we have your answers. Houston employment attorney Galvin Kennedy of the law office of Kennedy Hodges LLP wants to educate you about what your employer does not want you to know about overtime and wage cl...

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  • Do you need to file a wage or overtime lawsuit against your employer? Learn the laws that apply.

    Have you been denied wages orovertime pay and want to pursue a Texas wage and overtime claim, but you work for a large corporation and are afraid of going up against them or their insurance company? Empower yourself and watch this video as attorney David Hodges explains how exper...

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  • Top 5 Overtime and Wage Scams that Make Your Boss Rich

    Top 5 Overtime and Wage Scams If you have experienced any of these, you may be eligible to recover money for double your unpaid overtime wages under the FLSA. Scam 1. You are paid a “flat salary”

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