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  1. Can a beneficiary in a will also be executor of that will inTexas?

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    Probate is a process to transfer assets from the person who passed away to the proper person. It is more important to have a proper plan than to have a goal to avoid probate. Assets can pass through different avenues: 1. Beneficiary designation; 2. Joint tenancy with right of survivorship; 3. Trust; 4. Will. These are all tools that Estate Planners have in their toolbox to help make a plan proper for the client. There are family issues, tax issues and other things that we evaluate when...

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  2. Do i need a lawyer

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    You were providing for your mother? Is she incapacitated? If she is, then it would take a formal Court process to have someone appointed as her legal Guardian. If she is not incapacitated, then she has the right to make her own decisions.

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  3. My first wife died 1996 we had a will we had a will that had provisions for our chrildren ect.

    Answered about 2 years ago.

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    When a family situation changes, it is very important to have an Estate Planning attorney review your Will to ensure that your wishes are still covered. Additionally, with the passing away of your first wife, it may be important to have a probate attorney review your situation to make sure everything has been transferred properly. Typically an attorney who specializes in Estate Planning, also specializes in probate.

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