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Franklin L. Broyles

Franklin Broyles’s Answers

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  • What portions of the clerk's record should I request for the appellate court?

    I filed a Notice of Appeal in my civil case today, and was told that the appellate clerk will need to know what parts of the trial court's record I would need forwarded to the appellate court at one dollar per page. As a pro se litigant, this coul...

    Franklin’s Answer

    Every time i have filed a limited record i have regretted it. But, you really need an attorney to help you with appellate work, it is so technical.

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  • I am a plaintiff in a quiet title action. I was recently notified that the defendant filed for chapter 7 and listed the case.

    What should I do to preserve my lawsuit?

    Franklin’s Answer

    One of the issues you need to have addressed with your attorney is whether to remove the quiet title lawsuit to the bankruptcy court as an adversary proceeding. That can have advantages, but the time limit to do so is short.

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