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Lori Ashmore Peters

Lori Peters’s Legal Guides

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  • What Happens If Someone Dies and His Will Is Missing?

    Missing Wills raise all sorts of interesting legal issues which often turn on the specific facts and circumstances, and the law of the state in which the deceased resided. The Will may be missing because the deceased intentionally revoked it, in which case, an earlier Will (if...

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  • Are Your Assets Protected While You're Alive?

    Are you making sure your assets are protected while you are alive and are you conserving them and controlling their distribution after you are gone? It is not an easy topic to discuss much less think about, but remember it is easier to think about it when you are in good health...

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  • Common Mistakes When Creating Your Own Will

    When it comes to creating Wills in Texas, consumers have a couple of choices using a legal form or bookstore kit or hiring an attorney. So, why is it in someones best interests to have their Will written by an experienced attorney instead of purchasing a kit online for $19.95? ...

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