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Mitchell Ryan Nolte

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  • If I request a MRP, state jail, is there any way to be sure if the judge would give me the minimum of 6 months?

    I WANT OUT of this probation nightmare. Is there any way I can be sure before requesting the MRP, whether the judge would give me the minimum.? I am told by the probation dept that the judge almost always gives the maximum. i will definitely...

    Mitchell’s Answer

    The short answer is NO. There is no way to guarantee the judge will give you any specific sentence. The judge has discretion in this matter and can sentence you anywhere within the entire range of punishment, from six months to two years. Also be aware that the jduge can also continue or extend your probation, and can even impose additional conditions, such as SAFP or time in restitution center, and that time will not count towards your back time credit.

    However, there are many different approaches and methods of dealing with a probation revocation, and you really need to contact your original attorney or another experienced criminal defense attorney in your area to give you advice more specific to your situation. Good luck.

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