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In the Interest of AG and AG, minor children

Practice Area: Family

Outcome: Dad awarded custody

Description: The father, who is my client, resides in Wisconsin and the Mother resides in Texas. The case arose when the son called CPS (Child Protective Services) about violence in the home between the mother and step-father. CPS contacted the father to come get the children. He filed suit in Texas to get primary custody. A custody evaluation recommended that father have primary custody and the court granted his petition. Later, the mother attempted to alienate the children from father by emailing, texting and leaving voice mail messages that were derogatory of father and that encouraged the children to do things to make him mad so he would send them back to the mother in Texas. The father filed another suit to have her access to the children restricted. After listening to the taped conversations and reviewing the emails and text messages, the court suspended all access to the children by the mother for 90 days to allow father to repair the damage she had caused. The judge also interviewed the children, who said they wanted to live with mother. The judge told both parties he would do what the children wanted at the end of the 90-day period. After the 90 days, the children elected to continue living with father in Wisconsin. My representation was very instrumental in the outcome. The father remains a good client and his relationship with his children is stronger than ever.

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