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  • I keep getting a call from a place else about a supposed payday loan for 664$ when I ask questions I get hung up on its from 06

    They say it's from 2006 I ask questions and I get hung up on the lady is rude and they are using my maiden name

    Victor’s Answer

    We sue debt collectors that don't follow the law. Our website is

    However, your's is likely a scam artist that may have nothing to do with your loan. There are many scammers that follow the crumbs of old pay day loans. These scammers sometimes even have a copy of your credit report back from when you first obtained the loan. If the last payment made on the pay day loan was over 5 years ago, the debt is too old to be collected as it is barred by the "statute of limitations."

    The FTC has recently issued a consumer advisory about fake debt collectors (link below). The CFPB has tips on how to identify scam artist debt collectors (link below).

    Unfortunately, if they are just fly-by-night scammers, then there is little that I, or any other consumer protection attorney, can do for you. Reporting them to your local police department, the FTC, the CFPB, and the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office is your best option. I recommend that you file all 3 complaints in order to try and shut these guys down.

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  • Do i have the wright to sue this company for

    Slandering my name bulling me an sexual harrissing me an putting me in a life threating postion. An hes tried fighting me more than one time on job i have filed four formula complaints an they have ignored them nothin has happend to the boss i got...

    Victor’s Answer

    Possibly. But your first step is filing a complaint with the EEOC. You may do so by calling the Oklahoma City EEOC office at 405-231-4911 or the EEOC National Contact Center toll-free at 1-800-669-4000.

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  • I have been sued what do I need to do?

    I received a summons for old credit card they are asking for 5987dollars collection agency Midland Funding LLC

    Victor’s Answer

    You need to hire counsel. We handle cases filed by Midland Funding in your area.

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  • If you have a debt that was charged off can they charge you for interest on that debt

    I am being told I owe over $2,000 on a debt that was charged off several years ago, If it was charged off then why do I owe this

    Victor’s Answer

    It seems that what your question really goes to is whether the debt collector can charge you the INTEREST on the charged off debt. This is a complex question, but the following article does a pretty good job at examining it:

    Also, Regulation Z of the Truth In Lending Act (TILA) states that interest may be added to charged off debt ONLY if the creditor (or debt buyer) sends periodic statements to the consumer showing the interest.

    Learn your rights under the FDCPA! If you believe you have been the victim of debt collection harassment, contact a consumer protection lawyer. We practice in Oklahoma and would be happy to provide you with more information on your rights as a consumer.

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  • Was sued then i immediately filed bankruptcy but still was garnished. 3 Months later I still haven't gotten the money back.

    I was served on 8/12/2014 for a unpaid Hospital bill. I filled bankruptcy weeks after and then a month after I was garnished, that happened 3 different times. I have completed the "Meeting of The Creditors" and am just waiting on my bankrupt...

    Victor’s Answer

    We sue debt collectors under a law called the FDPCA. We are able to do this without charging our clients when they've been wronged. We practice statewide in Oklahoma.

    If the creditor or its law firm knew that you declared bankruptcy, the action of continuing with the garnishment may be a violation of the FDCPA entitling you to your money back and up to $1,000 in statutory damages. Please feel free to contact my office for further information.

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  • A guy called said he was with us locater service said was sending some papers out if i didnt sign for them i would be in contemp

    was working for westgate arbitration he called it media arbitration but if i didnt sign would be in contemp of court but they will not send proof of debt

    Victor’s Answer

    It's a scam! Process servers never threaten to serve papers -- they just do it!

    Many of these scammer debt collection firms use words like "arbitration" and "litigation" in their names. Don't fall for it. Ask them to tell you their address so that you may write to them to request validation of the debt. Ask for their website. They won't tell you that info? Then, report them to the police and the OK Attorney General.

    If something makes you believe they are legit, contact a consumer attorney that practices FDCPA law.

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  • Can I be force to pay a loan that I did not take out

    My ex boy friend used my personal information to take out a payday loan online and because I don't have proof he did it my check is being garnished because he electronically Sign my name with my dob and ssn how can I proof that I did not...

    Victor’s Answer

    Is there a judgment against you? If not, you need to tell your bank to cancel authorization for them to auto-debit your bank account. There are so many scam artists that follow pay day loan companies. The extra information you added makes it sound like you are being contacted by a scam artist to me.

    See my post about scam artist debt collectors here:

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  • What can happen to me if I am being sued and I have no assets, no bank accounts and no employment

    I am being sued for a private student loan I took out 8 years ago and the suit was filed last year

    Victor’s Answer

    You may be "judgment proof." However, if you're being sued by a debt buyer who purchased your defaulted student loan, we've had success with getting these types of lawsuits dismissed without our clients having to pay anything to the junk debt buyer. It's also possible that the junk debt buyer has violated the FDCPA in their contacts with you. You should contact an attorney specializing in debt defense to check out your options. Our website is below.

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  • What steps do I need to take to take someone to small claims court.

    Its regarding past due wages and want to file in court instead of labor board

    Victor’s Answer

    Many attorneys will take these claims without charging you or taking a portion of what you are owed. If you are not going to file with the labor board, your interests would be better protected by contacting an attorney that specialized in this area. Such an attorney will likely also pay your filing fee for you, as they will be able to get in reimbursed in the judgment.

    If you a debt set on filing doing this alone, Tulsa Small Claims Court maintains a website with forms and instructions. The process and forms will be the same in Pottawatomie County. The link is below.

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  • I've had a new 2014 Accord since 5/16/2014 and still have no financing three months later. Can I return the car?

    They initially said my FICO was okay, but I've been getting denial letters from numerous banks since May. I haven't heard from the dealer and my dealer tag has expired, I'm wondering should I wait until they''ve exhausted their resources or just ...

    Victor’s Answer

    I'm surprised they let you off the lot with a new car, and even more surprised that the dealer hasn't called you after financing failed.

    If you've signed nothing with the dealer or a financing company, then it would be difficult for them to sue you for anything. You may just be able to bring the car back to the dealer if you haven't signed any agreement to purchase or if that agreement is contingent upon you obtaining financing.

    What the dealer cannot do is call you back in and demand an increased amount for the vehicle. If that happens, contact a consumer attorney, as they will likely be able to represent you without charging you anything as a result of an illegal "yo yo sale."

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