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  • Can I get my boyfriends sentence reduced?

    My boyfriend was convicted for burglary in the first degree they sentenced 7 years in prison. He's served a little over 2 years in county waiting get transferred. He's never been in trouble, never had a write up or anything. They want him t...

    Ryan’s Answer

    There are other options for your boyfriend. Post Conviction Relief is an avenue that may be able to relieve part of his sentence. Just because the minimum sentence on Burg I in Oklahoma is 7 years, doesn't mean that the remainder of that sentence can't be suspended and him put on probation. While you can't be guaranteed that a sentence modification because it is past the one year deadline (and that deadline would only apply if it were a "blind plea", otherwise you would still need the district attorney's agreement for a one year sentence mod) you can still try and have the district attorney agree to a sentence mod now. So there are avenues that could help your significant other, if you are interested in discussing them, I would be happy to speak with you.

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