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Rick E Woods

Rick Woods’s Legal Guides

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  • How to enhance the value of your peronal injury claim

    Often times people ask me what they can do to recover fair value for their personal injury claim. After 17 years I have seen a common theme of maters that will make or break your claim. Insurance adjustershave extensive training as to how to evaluate, negotiate and settle claims....

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  • Seat Belt Failures

    When one buckles a seat belt it is with the expectation that it will restrain one in the event of an accident. Seat Belts are designed to prevebt occupants from hitting the interior of the automobile and keep the passenger inside the vehicle. A properly functioning seat belt will...

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  • Guide to filing Proof's of claims for your clients under new rules.

    The bankruptcy proof of claim form has been amended in several respects. A new section3bis added to allow the reporting of a uniform claim identifier. The new identifier consists of 24 characters and is intended to facilitate automated receipt, distribution, and posting of payme...

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  • Arkansas Business Litigation

    Today there are cost effective alternatives to filing a lawsuit and proceeding to court, which may take a long period of time and cause your business to incur large fees in the process. Many disputes are settled without ever filing suit in a traditional court. In many situations,...

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  • What to do after an accident

    What to do After an Accident Stop immediately Stay calm and do what you can within reason to avoid blocking traffic. Never leave the scene of an accident in which you or your car were involved, no matter how slight the collision. Pull over to the side of the road as soon as po...

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