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Jeffrey A. Mitchell

Jeffrey Mitchell’s Legal Guides

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  • Louisiana Medical Malpractice - Proving The Case

    Understanding The Legal Burden Of Proof. A In any medical malpractice case, the person initiating the lawsuit, the plaintiff, has the burden of proving every element of the case by a preponderance of

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  • Louisiana's Statute of Limitations In A Medical Malpractice Case

    In Louisiana, the Statute of Limitations is Called The Prescriptive Period Virtually every other state refers to the legal time period allowed to bring a case as the statute of limitations. In Louis

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  • Medical Malpractice Louisiana: A Guide Through Louisiana's Medical Review Panel Process

    What is a Medical Review Panel? In Louisiana, a patient may not generally bring a lawsuit for medical malpractice until after they have submitted a claim to a medical review panel. The medical revie

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  • What Questions Do I Ask When Choosing My Medical Malpractice Lawyer

    Which lawyer will be handling my case? Frequently, the lawyer you meet is not the lawyer who performs the majority of the work on the case. Clients do not appreciate being “switched” to an unfamilia

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  • A Guide to Medical Malpractice: An Overview of Louisiana Law

    Background and Applicability of Louisiana Medical Malpractice Statutes In 1975, Louisiana passed a comprehensive and sweeping law on medical malpractice. Louisiana medical malpractice claims are div

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  • Guide to Reducing Pharmacy Medication Errors

    Unreadable Prescriptions Doctors are notorious for terrible handwriting. If a pharmacist cannot reach a doctor to confirm his prescription, it leaves the pharmacist in a bad position with a waiting

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  • Guide To Reducing Your Risk of Acquiring a Hospital Infection

    Ask hospital staff and visitors to clean their hands before treating you or coming into contact with you when you are hospitalized This is the single most important way to protect yourself in the hos

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  • Medical Malpractice Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Medical Malpractice? In order to establish that medical malpractice occurred, the plaintiff must prove that the physician involved in his care deviated from the accepted standard of practice

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