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Michael J Haller Jr.

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  • I just won my case for s.s.i will still be able to get it if i get married

    i had just won my case for s.s.i and i have planed on getting married but i need to know if it will mess with the s.s.i

    Michael’s Answer

    When you applied for SSI benefits, you promised to report any changes. The first link below will provide you with what you need to report.

    The second link answers the question: "If you get married, separated or divorced."

    SSI benefits are based on assets. If a marriage changes yours, yes, it could "mess with the s.s.i."

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  • If you are receiving Social Security disability payments and win the lottery or prizes from contests does if affect you SSD

    so, if you receive social security disability and win the lottery or other cash prizes from contests this will not affect you social security disability payments?

    Michael’s Answer

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    You say you receive "social security disability" - as long as none of the money you receive is for Supplemental Security Income, you do not need to report it to Social Security. However, the Internal Revenue Service will be very glad to hear from you!

    The first link below takes you to SSA's website of what you have to report when you receive disability. The second link is for SSI and what you must report.

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  • Have questions regarding Social Security Disability.

    I was out of work for 3 years (8/2/05 - 8/1/08 due to degenerative disc disease in my back. I applied for Social Security Disability and was denied 3 times. After going before the final review board (court)to close out the time I was out of work...

    Michael’s Answer

    It sounds like you will need to file a new application.

    Review the decision that indicated you were disabled. If "closed period" is mentioned, that claim has been decided and nothing remains open.

    There is something called an "extended period of eligibility" but if yours was a "closed period" it would not apply.

    The steps you need to file for disability with SSA are to do so online, in person, or by telephone. I have provided a link if you decide to apply online.

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  • Since my disability checks come in the for me section can i cash my own checks.

    I do not like the way that my parents handle my disability check, can i do something to change that

    Michael’s Answer

    If your parent is your representative payee for Social Security Disability benefits, you can not cash the check.

    If you have a complaint about the management of your funds, you must file that with the SSA, BUT I would encourage you to discuss the matter with your parents first. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding. Input from you could change how they "handle" your disability check.

    The rules are clear what they must do - and they report to SSA what they do with your funds.

    You may also find some information at the link below "FAQs for Beneficiaries Who Have a Payee."

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  • Will my SS Disability be lowered if I accept a WC settlement?

    I receive approx $700 SS Disability because of a Pennsylvania WC claim. If I accept a $25,000 lump settlement will my disability be stopped or prorated?

    Michael’s Answer

    Review the previous two excellent answers.

    I would add that you should make sure to consult a social security disability attorney in your state. Each state has different things about their workers' compensation law - you want to make sure that magic language is in the correct way for your state to make sure there is as little change as possible to your SS disability benefits, and, as stated in one answer, benefits may go up.

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  • Wondering about Social Security

    Im already collecting S.S and probably about the lowest you can get,,,my question is I went back to work back in 2004 for a short period of time .Can my earnings from that period be considered to increase my benefits.(since then Ive new ailments ...

    Michael’s Answer

    More information is really needed to know exactly what your status is, and you may need to consult a local attorney or visit with your local SSA office.

    It appears the "S.S." you are receiving is for disability - what is not clear is if it is Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

    SSA requires that you report to them any work you do while receiving disability benefits - was this done?

    If your benefits are for SSI, and the work you did now entitles you to receive SSDI benefits, you may be able to receive a higher benefit. It would depend on how much you earned, and if taxes were paid and reported to the government.

    If you only qualify for SSI, even after considering the 2004 wages, there is a maximum amount you can receive, depending on your marital status.

    As for "being more disabled" or having additional ailments, this will provide no additional benefits. Disability is a green light / red light benefit. If you are disabled - green light, you get benefits. If not disabled, red light - no benefits.

    You may want to re-post your question with the additional information I have suggested if this answer does not clarify what you are wondering.

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  • Social Security

    my mom got disability after my dad died in 1993 and was 49 at the time. She now turned 65 and is paced on regualr social security under widows shouldnt she be collecting what he would of gotten? She still collect what eh got before no increase.

    Michael’s Answer

    Your question is a good one, and although a majority of calculations done by SSA are correct, this is your mom, and you want to be sure. Your mom can inquire and request someone to investigate the amount she is receiving. The inquiry can be in person or by telephone.
    My general advice is that an in-person visit is often more effective.

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  • Can I collect disabilty and welfare at the same time?

    I am on disabilty and get 700.00 a month so with a mortage of 1900.00 a month I was woundring could I get welfare also?

    Michael’s Answer

    It depends on your state's rules. It can't hurt to apply.

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  • In Mass. social security benefits for the kids goes to custodial parent,does that payment count as child support to the csparent

    My husband has custody of the kids.I recieve social security and my payment of ss for the kids goes to the father now. Is this considered child support? I have a very limited income a month. The judge set this up and awarded me alimony. I'm afraid...

    Michael’s Answer

    Each state is different, but if I were you, I would consult a local family law attorney. In my state, until the Court Order is changed to indicate a new amount or that the amounts from Social Security are to be credited, your child support continues to accrue.

    It is not an uncommon question, and Judges see this frequently in child support matters. Good luck, and don't delay.

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