Obtained her services through Safehome so I guess you get what you pay for - nothing. Very slow to respond to requests and often did not return phone calls. Some tangible evidence was lost because she did not react quickly enough and didn't even follow up on it until the 3rd time I told her about it. I realize most nonprofits are understaffed, but when it's time sensitive information there should be more urgency. By the time she followed up it was 2 weeks later and the evidence had already been disposed of. She claimed that she never heard back on a number of issues, but didn't seem to be concerned about following up on them either. Didn't provide copies of some evidence as I requested for another matter in another state. Ethically she told me some information that should probably not have been shared with me and should have only been shared among attorneys. After interviewing other attorneys I discovered what little she really knew about domestic violence issues and how unqualified she was. Several times she made derogatory comments to me that proved to me that she did not believe me and made it clear that she was not on my side. Then one week before my court date she suddenly withdrew without any warning. Probably for the best. I would never have paid for her services. As it was the case was drawn out 6 months where it should have been resolved much quicker.