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Patrick Michael Lewis

Patrick Lewis’s Legal Guides

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  • Can Kansas DUI's be removed from my record?

    There is now a way to remove a DUI from a person's Kansas criminal record. This year a change was made in the Kansas statute that will, in time, help many motorists to put a mistake behind them.

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  • How does bond work in Kansas?

    What is bond? Simply put a bond is a monetary guarantee that you will show up in court when you are ordered to. The defendant signs his bond which is a written promise that if he does not show up as

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  • Can a Person Get out of Prison Early in Kansas?

    How does parole work in Kansas? For all felony committed on or after July 1, 1993, the judge, using the Kansas Sentencing Guidelines Act, determines the length of a sentence. For all grid crimes thi

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  • How do the Kansas Sentencing Guidelines work?

    Kansas Sentencing Guidelines apply only to felony convictions. In Kansas, like most jurisdictions, crime are divided up between felonies and misdemeanors. There are also categories like traffic infr

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  • What are Penalties for Possession of Marijuana in Kansas

    What is required to prove possession of marijuana? The prosecutor must prove the following to get a conviction for possession of marijuana: 1) the location was in his venue, either county or state; 2

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  • Guide to Criminal Court in Johnson County Kansas

    First Appearance First Appearance is the first time a person appears in court. The judge will usually be magistrate Judge Dan Vokins. The defendant will usually appear by closed circuit tv if he ha

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  • How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Must I hire an attorney or can I get court appointed counsel? Everyone charged with a crime which can result in incarceration has the right to the help and representation of a lawyer. However, there

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