a jerk as far as concerning the best interests of my child in a custody case. he helped a documented child abuser father get physical custody. My daughter is 26 years old now, we have no relationship at all because her controlling manipulating father has brainwashed her and poisioned her mind against me, and he also interferred in my legal visitation rights, etc. I also had joint legal custody of her but the court order wasn't worth the paper it was written on. I am and have always been a decent upstanding person. I went on to get a degree in Psychology to help my child afterwards, while her father has done nothing but continue to control and manipulate her. Now, she and I no longer know each other, and never will. She is so brainwashed against me she won't even even speak to me. I hope someday Bill Reeves suffers the same grief and loss he has brought on me. ( My daughter needed her mother, when she was a child, too.) "Venegence is Mine," I will repay. saith the Lord. Hebrews 10:30. I really beleive Bill Reeves was paid off by the Respondent!