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Terry J. Neubauer

Terry Neubauer’s client reviews

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  • Hiring him is a waste of time

    1.0 star

    Posted by a client

    I'm sure Mr. Neubauer has alot of legal experience and is a nice person. But, as he showed in handling my case, he has become lazy and complacent. He constantly procrastinated and even admitted that he was unprepared for court appearances (if he even showed up). I was hesitant to contact him for even a 2 minute call because he would bill me 15 minutes. I finally had to have him withdrawn from my case and replaced with a more responsible attorney before he did any serious damage. This was the best thing I did considering how successful my new attorney was in what was an easy case.

  • Too busy for your case

    1.0 star

    Posted by a Family client

    While Mr. Neubauer has experience and knowledge, I believe he has become complacent and lazy, at least he was with my case. He failed to provide legal advice in a timely manner which greatly affected my case. He failed to respond to correspondence sent to him, but was eager to bill for reviewing it. He failed to respond in a timely manner to the most basic task that I repeatedly requested in my case and he constantly procrastinated until severe damage was done. He is likely a great guy, good golfer, and a knowlegable attorney but in the end he gave me every indication that he is more interested in billing 15 minutes for a 2 minute phone call than serving his clients or doing his duty as a lawyer.

    My experience with Terry was an absolute waste of time, money, energy, and only built my hopes up so that they fell further when I learned the truth that he was not able to perform the most basic of responsibilities of an attorney. The "work" he did on my case is more similar to that of a used car salesman than a professional attorney.