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  1. If I an unemployed and receiving unemployment benifits and I place on my LinkedIn profile that I am seeking capital to start ...

    Answered over 2 years ago.

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    One of the requirement to be eligible for unemployment benefits is to be "able and available" for employment. As long as you are currently able and available for work you still should be eligible for benefits. However, once you have committed to starting a business and are no longer available for work you may become ineligible.

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  2. I won my first appeal and now my former company is appealing my unemployment benefits sending a letter to the board for review

    Answered over 1 year ago.

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    The Board of Review makes its decision based upon the record of your case which includes any documentation provided by the employer, the summary of the adjudicator (the first person you spoke to from unemployment) and the transcript of the telephone hearing. You will receive notice that an appeal is pending. Request a copy of the transcript and submit a written argument in response to the employer's appeal. The time frames are short so don't wait once you receive notice.

  3. What can I do to get wages earned from my previous employer in Illinois? I worked for 2.5 months without pay. I had to quit.

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    If the agency has 5 employees or more you can file a complaint with the Illinois Department of Labor. You can go to the website and there are fillable PDF forms that must be mailed to the IDOL. The agency is violating the Wage Payment and Collection Act.

  4. Is there something I can do???

    Answered about 3 years ago.

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    In a word, no there is nothing that can be done short of getting your old job back. From what you have stated in your question it does not appear that the school district acted in bad faith when it offered you the position. The type of position that you applied for is dependent upon the number of students who need the services. Keep trying to contact your former employer.

  5. Forced to take FMLA and denied overtime because i'm on it

    Answered about 3 years ago.

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    Your question is difficult to answer without more information. FMLA can be taken on an intermittent basis. Also, an employer can designate leave time as FMLA leave. Are you on leave now? If so, for how long?