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Alexander M. Ivakhnenko

Alexander Ivakhnenko’s Legal Guides

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  • Domestic travel by an undocumented illegal aien

    issues involving contacts with the ICE by undocumented foreign nationals arise even when a person with an expired visa travels by air, plain or bus from one state to another. Thinking that one is not

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  • Selecting the right counsel for your present legal case

    Legal issues are not created equal. Thus, find the right lawyer for your legal case. People often hesitate how to find a good attorney for that specific legal issue. At times people seek counsel irrelevant areas of law. Instead, reseacrh the right practitioner in the needed field.

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  • Meeting for a legal review of the legal issue

    People want to gather as much information as possible about their case to be informed. That is a reasonable desire. However, some people may not know the exact focus of the case as they attempt to contact many attorneys to ask "one small question" on a phone. Meeting is person is always better.

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  • Consensual contact with a law enforcement officer incident to a stop

    1. Initial contact. When a person is stopped either in a car, on foot or bike by any state or federal law enforcement officer such stop must meet certain legal criteria established by relevant case l

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