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Lindsey Paige Markus

Lindsey Markus’s Legal Guides

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  • What is a "Living Trust"?

    Benefits in the event of incapacity AND death In the event of incapacity, Living Trusts have proven to be a flexible and efficient tool to manage property during ones lifetime. In the event of death

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  • No Estate Tax in 2010? Not Necessarily a Good Thing!

    Understand the Implications Critical issues associated with the 2010 Estate Tax Regime may include the following: (i) NO ASSETS will to pass to your surviving spouse; (ii) Significant INCOME TAX c

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  • How to Save $209,124 in Estate Taxes in Illinois

    Historically - "Coupling" Under current law, Illinois residents must pay both a federal estate tax at a maximum rate of 45 percent, and a separate Illinois estate tax at a maximum rate of 16 percent.

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  • Highlights from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that Effect Everyday American Households

    First Time Home Buyers[1] The Act increases and extends the first-time home buyer tax credit enacted last year. The prior $7500 refundable tax credit was subject to a repayment clause which essentia

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