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  • How to legalize my situation or secure residency.

    I am a Palestinian refugee holding an Egyptian issued travel document, I was residing in UAE "Born and raised there", came to US to visit my brother, got notified that my employer "Sponsor" cancelled my residency there. I have no where else to go...

    Kevin’s Answer

    Chicago Asylum Office will have jurisdiction over your case if you are residing in Wisconsin. The hearing will be conducted in Chicago. It is likely that they will feel that you have firm resettlement in Egypt, so your case may be transferred to immigration court for reconsideration.

    I strongly recommend an appointment with a competent and experienced immigration attorney who is experienced with the Chicago Asylum Office before you take any further action. Good luck.

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  • Will visa fraud have any impact on removal of conditions on green card if USCIS finds out?

    So a man came here with a tourist visa which he obtained by lying. He said he was coming to visit a friend when in fact he was coming here to get married. He came here, got married and lied again at the adjustment of status interview stating th...

    Kevin’s Answer

    Usually, this issue is resolved at the time of entry. A spurned ex-spouse will likely be considered less than believable due to a conflict of interest in that an ex-spouse is often upset by divorce. However, the ex spouse can still complain. Good luck

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  • What is my best/fastest option to start the petition process? Any information that is as concise as possible helps.

    I am a 60 year old US Citizen. I have a biological, 30-year-old daughter; born and raised in Zimbabwe. She is unmarried, has no children, and a Doctor. I would like to petition for her to come and live with me on a green card. I cannot get a simpl...

    Kevin’s Answer

    The petition will take a lot less time to be approved. However, the visa is subject to quotas. These quarters often run out very quickly. As a result there is a waiting list that is over eight years at this time. It is very possible that the quota can run out even sooner and the wait time for a visa can be twelve years or more after eight years of waiting. This is an emotionally unsettling process.

    This means that there is no current visa billable. As a result, she cannot adjust status in the United States. It may be best for her to visit you without a pending immigrant visa. A pending immigrant visa may result in her non-immigrant visitor visa being canceled when she tries to enter the U. S.

    She cannot have immigrant intent for the purposes of a non-immigrant tourist visa entry. She may have other options, but these options will take time to explain to both of your satisfactions.

    As a result, I strongly recommend an appointment or teleconference with a competent and experienced immigration attorney, we can take the time to explain this information to you to your satisfaction. Good luck.

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  • Is it possible to leave the US and re entry 2 years later on a Visa?

    I traveled in april 2013 to the US with a 12- month au pair visa, I finished my year in 2014 and went back to my homecountry Germany, but during my Au pai year i met my American greek boyfriend. I stayed in Germany only 3 weeks when i realized tha...

    Kevin’s Answer

    If you depart the United States, then you will be barred for ten years due to the unlawful presence bar. It can be extremely difficult and time consuming to prove that your future husband will suffer extreme hardship if he has to spend the next 10 years in Germany.

    A K1 waiver will likely prove futile at this time based upon the situation unless a waiver is eventually granted. Departure can jeopardize your relationship.

    I strongly recommend an appointment with a competent and experienced immigration attorney before you do anything.

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  • How can I save my GC from divorce and my husbands bad intentions?

    I am married to a person who is a green card holder and married to him for last 1 year and 7 months...we live in Connecticut current visa status is EAD and my GC is under processing....Due to certain factors we cannot proceed further wi...

    Kevin’s Answer

    I agree with Mr. Cannon, but what are your husbands bad intentions? Perhaps, more information is needed. In general, when a marriage does not work out, then the foreigner has no status and must leave the United States unless they have a valid unexpired visa or some other form of relief to lawfully remain in the U. S.

    You don't have a valid visa, so you must begin the process of obtaining a new visa for which you can lawfully qualify. If not, you may have to consider other options at your risk, which most attorneys cannot recommend as a matter of law.

    Strongly recommend an appointment with a competent and experienced immigration attorney, who will spend enough time to understand the situation and provide competent legal advice. Good luck.

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  • Does she has a right to stay in the US and how long? Will she still have a chance to get a green card?

    My friend married a girl for love and she played his feeling for a green card. They never live together since they got married because the girl refused to live with my friend and kept giving excuses. My friend submitted a letter about the situatio...

    Kevin’s Answer

    Your friends decision to withdraw his I-130 petition means that she should be denied a conditional resident card. In addition, her right to lawfully work ends when her case I'd denied due to your friend's withdrawal, if properly executed. The DHS may also be skeptical of any future marriages that she enters into with other US citizens.

    The challenge is that there are many people who are unlawfully present in the United States. The DHS lacks the resources to go after everyone. As a result, many people are quiet when they file a second time. Some may be referred to an immigration court for deportation. None of us attorneys knows whether she will be referred to immigration court.

    In addition, we don't know whether she was abused or whether your acquaintance/friend is telling the truth. often, when people have a marriage that ends in separation, they often blame the other spouse for their frustrations.

    Your friend has the right to withdraw the petition and should secure a divorce order, not just file for divorce.

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  • Is there any reason that a crewman's visa makes you ineligible to file the I-601A waiver? Have you been successful in the past?

    My husband came here on a C1D/crewman's/transit visa. He has been here a little over 10 years. He has no criminal record. I am a US citizen and we have been married 3 1/2 years and have an approved I-130 petition. I understand that crewman a...

    Kevin’s Answer

    C1/D2 Crew members cannot normally adjust status. More information 'may' be needed, but if he was never directly or indirectly petitioned by January 14, 1998, then it is likely that he must consular process.

    He should pursue a PUP waiver with form I-601A, but I strongly recommend that you hire a competent and experienced immigration attorney to review the situation and work on the waiver with you and your husband. Good luck.

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    My husband is in Immigration custody currently. He is being held for a conviction that is under appeal. However my husband put in 4 requests for his wedding band and they all went unanswered, he was heartbroken. I bought him the exact same one as ...

    Kevin’s Answer

    He may be subject to a final immigration order. You will need to come during visiting hours. If they refuse to let you see him, then you may try to file a writ of mandamus, which is costly and likely will require an attorney.

    If you are upset, and unable/unwilling to hire an attorney, then document the incident with your Congressman/woman. Also, contact a human rights organization like Amnesty International. The U. S. regularly violates the human rights of lawful permanent residents by using private contractors like CCA and Geo. The situation is currently in litigation in Federal Court, which refused to dismiss one civil rights lawsuit against DHS, involving the detentions of Central American Asylees, among others. Good luck.

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  • My wife file the form N400 she still need to fill this part 13 on N 400 and sign it ? or just keep it blank ?

    Hello, I'm due to file for my naturalization marriage based, when they asking about who prepared this form, Part 13 On N400 . my wife did it for me she still need to fill this part and sign ? or just keep it blank ? or they mean a lawyer or age...

    Kevin’s Answer

    An immediate family member is allowed to help you with the form. The concern is whether the answers that were given on the form is true.

    And attorney is sworn tell the truth and is experienced and how to fill out the form. Your wife's not experienced, so if a mistake is made, it may confuse the examiner.

    It is always best when the applicant understands the application. It will be wise for you to indicate who helped you fill out the form, even if it is your wife. It is best to have an attorney to prepare it from scratch, so there is no confusion. It is a long, and sometimes confusing, form. Good luck.

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  • What can I do to get my fiance back into the united States

    My fiance was deported for entering into the united states illegally and also fauiler to appear in court. He was arrested for driving on a suspend license and DUI. He was giving a paper stating that he has been remove for up to 10yrs. He has been ...

    Kevin’s Answer

    This is a complicated situation. You really will need help from an attorney. If you can find a not for profit agency to assist you, then you may save yourself a lot of heart ache.

    It is possible that in your situation you may have to consider moving to Mexico to be together with him. Sometimes, people in your husband's position maybe band for more than 10 years, but you may only find that out after consular processing the approved visa petition. Good luck.

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