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  1. Would you go to trial if person is indicted and charged with conspiracy to distribute 1 kilogram of heroin or more&didnt do it

    Answered about 2 months ago.

    1. William A. Jones Jr.
    2. William M Butler Jr
    3. Stephen F Wallace
    4. Jennifer J Wirsching
    5. Gal Pissetzky
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    Although a lawyer can never guarantee a case, from your description it sounds like you may have a few good defenses for the conspiracy charges. The wire tap may be the key, but if there are snitches testifying too the lawyer will have to discredit them. I love federal trial and I travel from Chicago to fight these type of cases all the time.

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  2. Fedaral case conspircey charges 5 to 40 yrs . does saftey valve elageble allow judge to wave the mandatory min. from 5 yrs to 0

    Answered almost 2 years ago.

    1. Robert David Richman
    2. Joshua Sabert Lowther
    3. John Leif Fossum
    4. Gal Pissetzky
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    If you are eligible for the "safety valve" and judge can sentence you without regard to the mandatory minimum, but under the statute the judge cannot sentence you to straight probation. The sentence must include some mandatory prison time.

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  3. How can i find out about a pending federal indictments

    Answered 23 days ago.

    1. Aaron B. Goldstein
    2. Robert David Richman
    3. Jennifer J Wirsching
    4. Graziella Bianchi
    5. Stephen F Wallace
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    It depends. If the Indictment was already made public, it became a public record and the record would be on PACER. If the Indictment is still under seal because on arrests have been made, you cannot find out until the government unseals the Indictment.

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