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Jeffery Mark Leving

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  • How do i get dcfs to get my niece from my very unfit sister.

    I know it sounds mean and messed up but me and the rest of the sisters have wittnessed my sister beat and neglect our niece. My sister is crazy she wont let us take my niece to help her because she dont want to lose her benifts from the government...

    Jeffery’s Answer

    DCFS has a child-abuse hotline. (800-25-ABUSE) (800-252-2873)

    If that doesn't help, call 312-807-3990.

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  • I live in Cook county IL. Will a judge grant you a divorce if you live in the same house.

    We went to court recently and the judge said to bring our divorce agreement to our next court date. I'm just wondering if because we still live in the same house (for financial reasons) the divorce will be delayed or not granted. Thanks

    Jeffery’s Answer

    Yes, the court can grant your divorce even if you and your spouse are living in the same house, under the appropriate circumstances. For more information read my book, Divorce Wars (Harper Collins).

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  • When paying child support, does the judge look at other financial responsibilities before issuing an amount?

    Recently, my child support amount was modified. The judge raised it to almost $700 for one child. They have my income a little over $800 more than what I actually make, and I have another child and a mortgage to pay. I wasn't notified about the ch...

    Jeffery’s Answer

    Yes, the judge should look at other financial responsibilities if the law is being applied correctly. For a further detailed explanation please read Fathers’ Rights (Basic Books) and visit

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