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  • Can my husband rent out our home legally without my consent?

    I moved.out of my house because of an abusive situation. My husband is now saying he has renters moving into our home tomorrow. We haven't been to court for anything. Everything is still marital property. Can't he rent it out without me saying so?

    Wes’s Answer

    Yes, he can "rent it without [you] saying so;" whether it's "legal" or not is another matter.

    You need to talk with a lawyer. Before that, you should talk with a therapist to address the abuse.

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  • What If I didn't/couldn't pay child support?

    I haven't been able to hold down a job for the last 3 yrs so therefore I haven't been able to pay my child support. I did pay a little a year ago. ( I owe around 29,000) What will I need to do to stay out of jail when I go to court? Besides pay th...

    Wes’s Answer

    The court will not appoint an attorney for you. You should hire one, immediately.

    You will probably be given a little time to come up with a LOT of money. When the little bit of time is up, you'll have to go back to court to pay a substantial part of your obligation. If you don't pay, there's a good chance you'll go to jail.

    Don't expect much sympathy. The economy has been ADDING jobs for the last few years. Judge's hear hard luck stories every day. Their answer is usually along the lines of "there's work at the car wash -- you're going to get a job and start making payment or your going to jail."

    Again, hire an attorney. . . today.

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  • What happens if the other party does not pay GAL fees? Will license be suspended? Will I have to pay her half?

    We have paid our retainer fee and so did the Mother but she has failed to make any payments after that. We have kept up with payments. Trial is done now, we signed joint custody and we are the residential parent. Will I end up paying her half? How...

    Wes’s Answer

    This is what judges get paid to deal with. The GAL will bring the matter up before the court and the judge will deal with it. A professional license may be suspended for nonpayment of child support, but not for nonpayment of GAL fees.

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  • If you have been to divorce court and agreed to divorce but changed your mind can you go back and contest the divorce which took

    Wife wanted divorce. I didn't went to court at 9;00 this morning

    Wes’s Answer

    You didn't finish your first sentence so it's impossible to know what you're really asking, here. It sounds like you went to court, signed a bunch of papers, appeared before the judge and testified that "yes, I really do want to be divorced." Now, you've changed your mind and want to fight to save the marriage. Is that what's going on?

    If so, you're in luck. Lawyer up and get back into court right away.

    If something else happened, you're probably in even more luck, but we can't know for sure the way your question is phrased.

    Good luck

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  • What now for post decree with a biased judge who made me lose all my money on lawyers due to my ex is an atty?

    I have filed a complaint w/ the judiciary board, for blatant errors and bias. I want her recused. I lost all my money on court because of her. I CANT AFFORD ANOTHER LAWYER. I waived all my rights at the end, just to get out. I w...

    Wes’s Answer

    I don't understand what you're upset about. You "waived all [of your] rights at the end, just to get out," and you got out. What's the problem? You got exactly what you wanted.

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  • My dad owes back child support, he has an arrears, for 20,000. is there any way the arrears can be removed?

    last time we went to Chicago we found out he does not owe any to the state, he just owes it to his ex wife. we tried to see if we could get it removed but the judge denied it. at first he was willing to help but then totally denied it when his ex ...

    Wes’s Answer

    Yes, there IS a way to get the debt removed. It involves getting his former wife to agree to forget about it. Once she agrees, have her sign the court papers your father's attorney will prepare and have the attorney file the agreement with the court.

    Good luck.

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  • Will I get full custody or child support

    I am a single mother my son and I live in Illinois.  My sons father lives in Ohio. I wanted to know how likely am I to get full custody with very basic information such as his dad consistently being in and out of his life, his dad is a product of ...

    Wes’s Answer

    You're a shoe-in for "sole custody" (there's no such thing as "full custody" in Illinois.

    You should not "put him on child support," but, instead, hire an attorney to take care of the issues of parentage, custody, child support, and visitation.

    The fact that he owns his own business will make this case a bit more complicated for the state. They're free, but their resources are very limited. The fact that he and the business are both in Ohio is of little or no consequence. Hire a lawyer, though -- don't try to work this through the State.

    You may also be interested in restricting or supervising his visitation given the chronic absence and history of violence

    The links below will help.

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  • Who gets the engagement ring if the wedding does not take place in the state of illinois?

    the man calls off wedding because he is not happy with his fiance

    Wes’s Answer

    Give (or get) the ring back. In Illinois, the ring ALWAYS goes back if the wedding doesn't take place. The link below, will help..

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  • What is the schools obligation/responsibility when enforcing Joint Custody Agreements they have on file?

    My agreement says no removing the children from school on school days unless by mutual consent and that my ex can only take them Tues/Thurs after school until 8. The school says that they will allow my ex to take the kids whenever he wants. They...

    Wes’s Answer

    Schools have no obligation to enforce your court orders. The school is not a party to your case -- only your and your former spouse / the other parent are the parties. It's not the school's job to police your family situation. If your ex violates court orders, take him back to court for a contempt citation.

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  • How to recuase an incompetant judge my attorneys and myself find incompetant, and biased?

    She has made contradictory decisions to laws already in place. She is biased. She has a sister in the town in which my ex husband resides. She has blatant stenosed statements in court opposing laws already in place. Please help. I ...

    Wes’s Answer

    Don't ask us . . . ask your lawyer. If your lawyer thinks the judge is incompetent, your lawyer knows how to change judges. If you don't have a lawyer, hire one to either get rid of the judge or explain to you how the judge's rulings are legally sound.

    Hire a lawyer.

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