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Howard Jay Wise

Howard Wise’s Legal Guides

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  • DUI Consequences in Chicago

    A DUI conviction can affect numerous aspects of a persons life. At times, challenging a DUI arrest can result in reduced or dropped charges for the suspect, allowing them to retain their driving privileges. The DUI arrest typically begins with the traffic stop. If a police office...

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  • Explaining Battery Charges

    It is against the law to touch another person in a rude or offensive manner. Unwanted and offensive contact is classified as battery, and can incur criminal penalties for the accused. Battery is an intentional unpermitted act which causes harm or, it is offensive contact from one...

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  • What Should You Do If You Get Stopped For A DUI Investigation?

    Do Not Admit Drinking To The Officer Most police officers will ask you "Have You Been Drinking" Do not admit consuming any alcoholic beverages when asked. Say nothing or respectfully decline to ans

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