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  1. I got a traffic ticket for "permitting an unauthorized person to drive" and I was wondering what ate the repercussions?

    Answered about 4 years ago.

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    If the officer appears in court, you may be fined and be place on court supervision. The ticket may also go on your driving record.

  2. I got a speeding ticket in chicago gotta go to court how much money am i gonna waste????

    Answered over 5 years ago.

    1. Deborah Susan Cohen
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    There are different court costs affiliated with the dispositions of traffic matters, which vary based on whether you receive supervision vs. a conviction and if you are also assessed a fine. It is almost impossible to put an exact dollar amount on what you will be fined and what the costs will be prior to your attendance in court and without knowing your specific traffic background. Additionally, you have to be careful about not receiving 3 or more moving traffic convictions within a year,...

  3. I have both "arrested DUI/dropped to reckless" and "arrested DUI/charged DUI" where does that leave me when reinstating my lic.?

    Answered over 5 years ago.

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    When the 2005 DUI was reduced to a reckless, it would not count as a DUI conviction. The Secretary of State still keeps track of the 2005 arrest, however, your 2007 DUI is the only DUI that should be recognized as a conviction. You will need to check with your state regarding the requirements to reinstate your license and I recommend that you retain an attorney to assist you in the process.

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