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Jonathan Brian Merel

Jonathan Merel’s Client Reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Robin

    Fights for his clients

    Jonathan Merel is a wonderful lawyer. He fought very hard in my behalf. He was trustworthy helpful and extremely knowledgable. Always available when needed... And always looking out for my best interests. I would highly recommend his services

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Daniel


    My case was extremely difficult given the complete passive aggressive non- compliant nature of my ex-wife. Her sole idea for the divorce ended with her thwarting all advances to this cause. Jonathon was able to avoid a costly long drawn out custody battle over my daughters residency. Navigating the completely one sided Chicago court system. It was clear that the courts had no intention of allowing my teenage daughter to reside permanently with me. In the end this is what was entered in the courts. My opinion is the Chicago divorce court system looks down on men. I am truly grateful I had a competent attorney who understood the position of the courts. I would not recommend divorce without a legitimately experienced attorney such as Jonathon. Jonathon has been a true advocate for my case. Thank you

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Curtis

    Jonathan and Co. got me through a life changing event with finess and confidence that I needed under duress.

    Jonathan and Co. got me through a life changing event with finess and confidence that I needed under the EXTREEM duress of a divorce. He saw the big picture and kept my skyrocketing blood pressure from getting the best of me by keeping me informed throughout. A friend recomended him and I worried that I only selected him based on someone else's opinion. Hiring Jonathan was the first and BEST decision I made in my divorce. By the end of a drawn out drama with my ex, having Jonathan and Melissa on my side of the table gave me the support, knowledge and upperhand that everyone wants and hopes for. Johnathan didn't make promises, he delivered and was worth every penny because of the outcome.

  • 2.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Waste of Money

    After finding Jonathan on the internet and meeting for an initial consultation, I thought he would be a good fit for my situation. Therefore, I hired him and put down a hefty retainer. Unfortunately he did virtually nothing on my case other than blow through plenty of legal fees. Each time I would ask for his advice, he would respond with, "well, that's only a decision you can make." What? That's what I am paying you for... I would not recommend this attorney to anyone looking to be guided through a difficult process. If you are made of money, maybe he will do a better job for you.

    Jonathan Brian Merel’s response: “While I respect the right of an individual to post a review about the services provided by an attorney or law firm, a review should be accurate and truthful. Unfortunately, this person posts anonymously as "a client" and fails to identify themself in any way. Whether or not the individual posting this review is actually a client of this firm or not will never be known, but I certainly cannot equate the situation described to any current or past client of this firm. Additonally, the firm hasn't been "fired" or told by a client that they were disappointed with the services being provided in recent memory. The job of any competent attorney is to counsel clients regarding the pros and cons of difficult decisions they are faced with, especially in the realm of family law and divorce. At the end of the day, decisions are made by educated clients, through the assistance and advice of their attorney. In family law, decisions are made that direclty impact the day-to-day lives and families of the client, so who better to make these important decisions than the client himself/herself. If this "client" was looking for an attorney who made all of the decisions impacting the client's life and family unilaterally (without discussing these important decisions with the "client") then perhaps this client should seek a new lawyer or law firm. In the event this firm still represents you, please feel free to contact us to discuss this issue.”
  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Super_Dad

    In one of the most complicated cases (in Illinois), you need to look no further for a lawyer ! Trust me...

    Being a Single dad can be tough. Add to that, the KIDNAPPING of your kids. Taken to a third world country and not knowing their where-abouts, or anything about them has to be every parent’s worst nightmare; especially for 18 long months of pain. Trust me when I tell you the anxiety was just about unbearable. Unfortunately, I speak from experience.
    I live in the state of Illinois and have been a Chicago resident my whole life. To date, the state of Illinois has backed me up and supported me as much as possible. This could of never been accomplished without the help of my lawyers.
    Both Jonathon and Melissa were outstanding in fighting for what is right and they will give you a 100%. They are the only lawyers I found truth in and that in itself is the most important thing anyone can ask for. They always kept me informed and took the time to explain everything in details. Pros and cons.. I mean... they are the total package in lawyers.
    I can't repay them enough for all they have done !
    One thing I have learned about Jonathan is that he IS A MAN OF HIS WORD !! Enough said !

    Happy Dad

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tracy

    Review for Jonathan Merel

    Jonathan did a great job representing me. He listened to the matters at hand and handled them efficiently and quickly. I would definitely refer Jonathan to anybody who needs a great lawyer. In fact, I already have. Nobody likes to have to hire a lawyer so when you have to do so, you want to have somebody you can trust and get the job done.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    Robert Benson - Jonathan Merel

    Despite a long and drawn out divorce, Jonathan remained involved and was sincerely concerned with my well being. At times I lost my cool, but Jonathan and his team reeled me back in. They were professional and understanding at the same time.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by J

    Wonderful family law attorney!

    Jonathan is very knowledgable about family law. He takes time to understand complex family issues such as child custody, visitation, and child support. Jonathan is intelligent and empathetic and pays attention to the details of a case and family. He is skilled at negotiating settlements and litigating matters that cannot be settled. Jonathan is skilled at communicating with clients, other attorneys, and judges. All of my experiences with Jonathan have been excellent!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Tammy

    Highly Recommend

    Jonathan always kept me informed and made me feel comfortable about what was going on and what we were doing.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Audrey

    Hard Working, Organized, Commited and Compassionate

    I found Jonathan on the internet and at the time was in quite a state. My husband was petitioning for me to be in contempt of court since my attorney - who I had to fire - showed up for court with none of my disclosure documents! I frantically interviewed attorneys and each was worse than the one before. By the time I met with Jonathan I had all but given up and was planning to go before the Judge without an attorney. But Jonathan got right to work, was direct and seemed to immediately be on my side (something you'd think all attorneys would do!) and like me was not necessarily vindictive to my husband but just wanted him to agree to some kind of equitable divorce - I won't go into all the crazy demands my husband was making but I'll just say one of them was he wanted to keep keys to my house after the divorce so he could still come and go when he pleased. Since my husband has free legal I knew he would do his best to drag things out as long as possible in an attempt to get me to agree to anything just to end it. But Jonathan and his team - Melissa, Anita, Joseph and Jasmine were so effective that I felt confident for the first time that I had real representation in this unpleasant matter. Of course it's not cheap... but let me warn you about 'cheap' attorneys: My husband's "free" attorney got him a week in Cook County Jail!! You get what you pay for most times. Take your time and interview your prospective attorneys. If you don't feel that they are 'on your side' from day one, it doesn't get better after that! I could tell from my interview with my initial attorney that she was more interested in timing my session in her office on her iPhone than what I was saying. That should have gotten me running out of her office! But as a a simple law abiding citizen how many times have I hired a lawyer?? Yup, first time! So let my lesson be yours! I'm not saying Jonathan is the right attorney for everyone out there, but I am very satisfied with his handling of my case: he is thorough, prepared, never late or unready for court and his team is just as committed to providing top quality legal service as he is. Jonathan and his team are compassionate even though they deal with divorce everyday they seem to understand that my divorce is painful and sad at times. Their guidance through this process has saved me money and court time. They've chosen the battles they were confident of winning and didn't pursue the ones I suggested knowing it would only lead to more court time, more money spent and no real progress to my goal: being divorced. In all I do recommend Jonathan - at least give him an interview and see if you don't feel how I felt after our first interview - that someone was finally listening to what I wanted and not just trying to get money regardless of service quality, and wasn't going to make my divorce convenient for them but tailored to me. Oh yeah, he's one of the few that charges for the initial interview so bring your paperwork and make it a working session!! What can I say? We all need to be paid for our time. Good luck!