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James Anthony Shapiro

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a client

    Relatable Attorney Reasonable Price Great Value

    I contracted Retired Judge Shapiro for my Criminal DUI representation. Attorney Shapiro was very responseful even taking my 45 minute call on the 4th of July in addition to meeting with me after work hours on a rainy Friday evening. He is also extremely flexible by text and email. My case was extraordinary and although I wanted to keep going off on tangents about all the wrongs of it- Attorney Shapiro grounded me in the legality of the matter at hand. I'm very glad I found Attorney Shapiro when I did as I had consulted with two other attorneys prior. One whom specifically told me to accept the "lesser of two evils", plead guilty and to not "find" myself in that situation again. I felt emotionally devastated weak and betrayed. But Attorney Shapiro heard my story and listened. I was found not guilty of my Criminal DUI and my driving privileges were also miraculously not suspended. I highly recommend Attorney Shapiro for the unfortunate circumstances life sometimes throws our way.

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Dale

    Great criminal trial lawyer!

    To whom it may concern:

    It is with much gratitude that I am writing this letter of recommendation for James A. Shapiro. I was involved in a “Road Rage” incident and subsequent altercation that ensued after I pulled over. After it was over, I drove away and unbeknownst to me, the driver called the police and signed a complaint against me. Three weeks later I was arrested and charged with Misdemeanor Battery. I was devastated because I had never been arrested or charged before this incident and this was considered a crime of violence. I needed the best possible attorney to defend me.

    After much research and many consultations, I chose James A. Shapiro as the best possible candidate to represent me in my case. He brought to the table a unique blend of 30 years' of experience in criminal law as a former Cook County Judge hearing criminal cases, former Assistant U.S. Attorney, and now a criminal defense attorney. After careful review of the facts of my case, he recommended we take the case to trial. He said he could not ethically guarantee an outcome, but he felt my case was a winnable one, and based on this, I decided to proceed on his recommendation. So we went to court and set a trial date.

    Judge Shapiro goes the extra mile--literally! On the morning of my trial date, he contacted me and asked me if I could take him on the driving route where the incident occurred so he could see the surroundings and fully understand what happened. We drove the route four times going over every detail so he clearly understood what took place. We then proceeded to court. At trial, Judge Shaprio was so articulate in his questioning of the alleged victim and his story. In his closing argument, he was able to raise reasonable doubt as to the validity of the alleged victim’s story. The trial Judge agreed that reasonable doubt existed and as a result, on May 12, 2015, I was found “NOT GUILTY” It was very impressive!

    I am forever grateful to Judge Shapiro for what he did for me and I will never forget it. He protected my good name as well as my future. His personal commitment to my case was the key to this great Victory!

    Berwyn, Illinois

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Robert

    Recommendation for James A. Shapiro

    Letter of Recommendation

    To whom it may concern.

    It is with great pleasure, that I offer the highest level of recommendation for Mr. James A. Shapiro. Mr. Shapiro was my personal legal representative, in charge of handling a sensitive employment case with a large corporate entity. Mr. Shapiro’s knowledge and expertise in the field of employment law was a tremendous asset in resolving this issue quickly, resulting in not only a very satisfied client, but also gaining a healthy respect from the corporate entity involved.

    What sets Mr. Shapiro apart is the personal interest he takes with his clients. He firmly believes in order to have success; the relationship must extend beyond that of a transactional legal nature. Mr. Shapiro takes the time to get to know the person he chooses to represent, not just as a legal client, but as an individual. Based on this interest, I conclude if Mr. Shapiro does not believe in the individual, not just the case, he would purposely choose not to engage the individual as a client.

    As an attorney and individual, Mr. Shapiro gains my highest marks. His honesty, integrity and belief in justice are unquestionably strong.


    Magellan Associates LLC